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Implement and drive a culture of excellence that values teamwork and collaboration; diversity, equality and inclusion; legal, compliance and ethical standards; and honors our opportunity to serve our stakeholders.

Bringing diversity of thought and experience to manage the core responsibilities of our marketing firm strategy, marketing business unit oversight, fundraising, operations, talent management, leadership development, ethical standards and communications. 

External Partnerships and Measurement


Metropolis collaborates with a variety of external organizations to drive accountability across firm operations. Through a diverse and growing network of experts, we pursue responsible marketing  investment, corporate governance and transparent leadership practices.


Thirty Percent Coalition

Him for Her


Business Roundtable

World Economic Forum


FLCT Global

WAP Sustainability 



Metropolis's External Board Program leverages our network and resources to source qualified board candidates for our portfolio companies, with a specific focus on diverse candidates.

Engaging Our Board Members

Incorporating ESG and DE&I factors into marketing private equity and permanent capital investment and operational decisions minimizes corporate risk and improves business outcomes for all stakeholders. To ensure our efforts generate meaningful impact for our network of companies, we provide sustainable ESG and DE&I processes that consistently promote and increase diversity within their boards — including: 

Identifying material ESG risks and opportunities.

Disclosing and reporting ESG metrics on an annual basis.

Setting goals, implementing policies and actively incorporating ESG data into decision making.

Principles of Accountability

It's our marketing firm's responsibility to communicate our processes for making ethical business and investment decisions with transparency. Our ESG policy reflects our ongoing commitment to sharing our governance reporting, metrics and goal-setting strategies with stakeholders to ensure corporate accountability.

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