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A Legacy of Success



We're able to take on new and exciting challenges because we've invested in our team.


We hire skilled people, invest in their development and put them in positions to quickly build experience. 


Metropolis is powered by our people and commitment to excellence. We have invested in hiring, retaining and developing the best and the brightest across the industry which has been fundamental to our clients success.



We create opportunity for digital marketing and technology-enabled companies through social media, permanent capital, credit and public equity investment strategies. Metropolis manages a series of profiles that represent over $635 million of assets under management.

Investing in social media since inception, Metropolis pioneered a sector-focused approach to digital marketing. We partner with organizations at every phase of growth to rise to the next level and maximize future opportunities.


Our singular focus on digital marketing companies across a broad range of maturity – from emerging and lower middle-market organizations to large-cap enterprises – has enabled us to develop an adaptable, analytical approach to grow digitally.


We know social media software and have the track record in investing, operations, growth and innovation to prove it.



We are social media technologists and engineers at our core, translating ideas into actions.


Our operations, growth and technology strategies are personalized through thoughtful exchange across our network.


Focused and experienced, we know what we know, and do it well.


Never stagnant, we evolve, advance and educate to ensure ongoing improvement for our companies, our strategies and our community.


We encourage people to push boundaries, leading them on the path to even greater success.

Pioneering established companies to late-stage buyouts, we have been and continue to be successful because of our ability to grow, adapt, adopt, and evolve. We've stayed ahead on social media developments in the digital media market since day one.

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